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Co-Founder's Story: Why We Created Nutravision

Updated: 4 days ago

My name is Brian Ang, an Australian glaucoma specialist and cataract surgeon with a personal mission.

My professional career, spanning over 15 years of clinical experience and authorship of over 70 peer-reviewed publications in respected scientific journals, has provided me with countless personal insights of the impact of vision on people’s lives, both positive and negative.

The Wake-up Call

In 2010, my father was diagnosed with glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. I saw first-hand the daily impact glaucoma has had on his life. Because I am at risk of developing glaucoma, I realised that those frustrations might one day become mine or my children's.

As a result, I started looking for ways to better support our eye health at an earlier stage to reduce risk. I wanted a better solution that transcends conventional eye care, that would truly comprehensively address the health of the vision ecosystem, from the cornea all the way to the macula, retina, and optic nerve.

The key question for me was: can we achieve better overall outcomes by targeting the two most important risks to our eye health - ageing and digital screen overexposure - through nutrition?

The Challenge of Ageing Eyes

After all, ageing is complex especially when it comes to our eyes. They're under constant attack from ultraviolet radiation, pollution, processed foods, and everyday stress.


And as we get older, our bodies lose some of their natural defenses. Critical enzymes, such as the anti-ageing enzyme NAD+, naturally diminish and the absorption of vital nutrients like vitamin B12 and folate slows down. Our vision ecosystem suffers, receiving less of what it needs to stay healthy.

To really make a difference, I worked with leading experts to uncover ways to counteract the important underlying mechanisms of eye ageing, such as oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and vascular dysregulation.

We aimed to unlock the precise nutrients that our eyes and vision ecosystem need to heal, nourish, and thrive - nutrients that are often missing from our daily diets and even more depleted by our screen-driven, modern lifestyles.

Relentless Research

It took over two years of relentless research, examining the data from scientific studies conducted globally over the past 30 years on botanical extracts, activated vitamins and natural antioxidants that have been clinically proven to benefit eye health and visual performance.

This is a photograph of saffron flowers and their stigmas
Saffron flower

In particular, we were excited by the scientific literature describing the clinical impact of bilberry, ginkgo biloba, methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) and nicotinamide (vitamin B3) for glaucoma, in addition to lutein and zeaxanthin as well as saffron for macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease.

That's when the penny dropped: if each one of these ingredients can have such powerful clinical benefits on eye health individually, imagine what could be achieved when they are taken together?

The Breakthrough

We didn't want to be yet another dry eye supplement or macular health multivitamin - there are already many of them in the market.

I asked myself: What kind of supplement would I want to take every day to truly safeguard my own vision over the long-term? It would need to be free from nasties, easy to swallow, pleasant tasting, convenient, and made with the highest quality, clinically proven ingredients.

The result is Nutravision, a world-first, groundbreaking vitamin supplement formula engineered to comprehensively support our entire vision ecosystem from the cornea at the front, all the way to the visual processing centre in the brain at the back.

By combining the 10 key clinically proven ingredients for vision into one convenient capsule, Nutravision provides all the extra benefits you need for your eyesight in addition to the nutritional support you already get from a healthy and balanced diet.

I am excited by the potential for eye health in this formulation. The science behind Nutravision not only supports protection for the eyes, but also delivers significant benefits for overall health. Associate Professor Heather C, BSc(Hons), MBA(HCM), PhD, MCOptom

But it is more than just an eye vitamin supplement - it is also a comprehensive general wellness solution that supports sleep, cognitive health, nervous system function, blood pressure regulation, cardiovascular wellness, and more.

The Nutravision Promise

Nutravision reflects my personal commitment to excellence and my desire to share this revolutionary eye health supplement with those who seek to elevate their eye health and enrich their lives naturally. 

Many have already benefited from Nutravision, including my father, and we are deeply grateful for the trust that we have been given.

I myself take Nutravision every day to reduce the impact of ageing and screen overexposure on my eye health over the long-term.

Since I started with Nutravision, I experience less eye strain and dryness when looking at digital screens, enjoy better sleep, feel more energetic, and am much calmer in stressful situations.

Some will notice remarkable transformations in their eyes and general well-being within weeks. However, for others, the most crucial improvements occur on a cellular level. These changes might not be immediately apparent, yet they are real, silent victories that are vitally important for vision health.

At Nutravision, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence—whether in design, ingredients, or processes.

Let's not take our eyesight for granted or leave our eye health to chance. Today is the best time to protect and preserve yours. It’s time to live a full life. With your own eyes.

With sincerity,

Dr Brian Ang sign off

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I have been using Nutravision for 6 months and I have noticed a big improvement with my eyesight. I just had my new prescription made which I was told is better than my last. I was so pleased to hear this and definitely will stay on this journey. Thankyou Nutravision for this amazing product 😃

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