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Supporting Eye Health: Judy's Eye Pressure Journey with Nutravision

Retired veterinary nurse and devoted volunteer, Judy Lidstone, shares her inspiring story of overcoming eye-related challenges and finding renewed hope through Nutravision.

A Lifelong Caregiver

Judy Lidstone, a 65-year-old retiree, spent 20 years as a veterinary nurse, tending to the needs of countless animals with a compassionate touch. Her career, however, was cut short by rheumatoid arthritis, leading her to retire earlier than planned.

Despite her health challenges, Judy continues to dedicate her time to volunteering at a local horse rescue, where she assists and guides new volunteers.

Her daughter, who lives with her, helps with household chores, allowing Judy to remain active and engaged in her passion for animal welfare.

Struggling with Vision and Independence

Judy’s life took a turn for the worse when she was diagnosed with inflammation and high pressure in her eye.

“I was a bit shocked; it was quite painful,” Judy recalls. “My eye pressure was around 60 mmHg. It first presented as conjunctivitis that wouldn’t clear with regular drops.”

A visit to her optometrist led to an immediate referral to the local hospital, where she discovered that her condition could be linked to her rheumatoid arthritis.

The impact of her eye condition was profound. “In sunlight, I had trouble seeing the road through the glare and had extremely poor night vision. I had to stop driving,” Judy shares.

This loss of independence was frustrating and deeply affected her daily life.

Relying on her daughter for transportation, especially for her numerous medical appointments, added to her frustration and sense of helplessness.

Seeking Solutions

Before discovering Nutravision, Judy tried various treatments to manage her general health symptoms.

“I use Rosehip Vital to relieve pain in my hands, which is my main problem. It has reduced pain and stiffness and reduced inflammation,” she explains.

However, finding an effective natural solution for her eye health alongside her prescribed eye drops remained a challenge.

Judy’s journey with Nutravision began with a recommendation by her eye health professional. “I had no hesitation trying Nutravision as I have been using natural therapies for 20 years,” she says.

Despite her openness to natural remedies, Judy couldn’t help but feel a mix of skepticism and hope as she started her new regimen.

Remarkable Changes with Nutravision

The results were nothing short of amazing.

“The changes I noticed after a week were an improvement in eyesight, especially at night. The glare of lights was no longer worrying me, and my eyesight was sharper,” Judy reports.

The benefits extended beyond her vision. “I had more energy, felt less tired, and noticed an improvement in my hands with less swelling across my knuckles.”

Judy Lidstone, retired veterinary nurse holding a bottle of Nutravision
Judy Lidstone, retired veterinary nurse
“The changes I noticed after a week were an improvement in eyesight, especially at night.” Judy Lidstone

Renewed Independence and Confidence

With her eye pressure now at a fairly normal reading of 18 to 19 mmHg after treatment, Judy’s confidence has soared.

The improvement in her vision and overall health has allowed her to regain her independence, giving her the freedom to drive again and engage more actively in her daily activities and social life.

“I have more energy and it has also helped my arthritis symptoms,” she says.

Judy’s daily routine now reflects her newfound vitality.

“I fit more things into my daily life; I’m up earlier in the morning and go to bed later at night,” she explains.

“I will definitely continue taking Nutravision. It’s working so well for me,” she adds.

A Message of Hope

For those struggling with eye problems, Judy offers a message of hope and encouragement.

“Nutravision has not only improved my eye health but also my overall health and energy. I highly recommend it,” she advises.

Judy holding a Nutravision bottle and capsule
Judy takes one Nutravision capsule daily as part of her eye care routine
“Nutravision has not only improved my eye health but also my overall health and energy.” Judy Lidstone

Judy Lidstone’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of Nutravision.

Her story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, reminding us all of the importance of proactive care and the potential for natural therapies to enhance our eye health and general well-being.

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